Fresh Fruit Of Our Land

We are a global company specialized in the fruit industry with a head office in Canada and operations in Colombia and E.E.U.U. We are privileged. Our geographical location allows the sun to bathe us in the same way each time and thanks to our fertile lands we can reap wonderful fruits all year round.

We are therefore engaged in agricultural development. As a company committed to Colombian agriculture. we have worked to build an efficient and modern production line where we are committed to ensuring the best working conditions and growth for our workers and their families.

We confidently take up the challenges of an interdependent and connected world. We are sure of the excellence of our products.


Certified Fresh Fruit

Our fruits wouldn’t exist if it was not for the people who help us every day in the crops, we know in order to keep growing we have to qualify our team, keep continuous improvement, create better workplaces and cleanest processes in the field. We believe this will turn into better, cleaner and fresher fruits for our clients.

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Hass Avocado

Thaiti Lime


Lulo Pulp

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